How to make a cornflower (knapweed) 3D origami (in the technique of modular origami for beginners)

Video description

This video shows step by step assembly cornflower (knapweed) 3D origami.

We need 60 and 30 light-blue triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

Making the first two rows of 20 pieces, light-blue

Making the third row of 10 light blue pieces

We turn to the other side.

Making the 4th row of 10 light blue pieces

Making the petals

Then we make a stalk:

Take a straw from a cocktail, or a pencil and glue over the green corrugated paper.

Cut out of green paper leaf (you can 1 or 2 pieces). And stick it on the stalk and give dry.

Now you know how to make a cornflower in a modular origami technique.

Also experiment with the size of the triangular pieces. So you will get flowers on more and less. And you can make a beautiful bouquet.

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